From Brielle's mom:
What better a day than THANKSGIVING to express our utmost gratitude!
Little Brielle had her wishes granted in perfect timing to surprise her for her 2nd birthday party this week!
Our lovely Wisconsin winter had surprised us with a large snow fall already, which eliminated our plans to set up her new trampoline. We want to keep it from rusting and stretching, so we will set it up as soon as our winter months pass. This is an incredibly exciting thing for Brielle! She had jumped on a friends trampoline this summer and was in awe! We showed her the giant box, and then showed her videos of people jumping on trampolines, and she is absolutely stoked to realize that she now has one of her own!! (We let her sit on her giant box for a photo 😊
Opening the other items was incredibly exciting for Brielle as well! She is in LOVE with the tablet and this is really filling a need we had for something to help her pass time on her therapy machine, when it's difficult for her to do anything except sit for long periods of time. She is using learning apps, listening to sing along childrens music, and her therapy time is going so much smoother!
There were many other ADORABLE items that she is just thrilled with! The pajamas--she loves Minnie Mouse 😊 The outfits fit her just perfectly! There were excellent learning toys that she's getting great use of! Something she's particularly fond of is the darling Giraffe that was sent. Until now, Brielle has never really been a child that clung to stuffed animals. In fact, during her procedures and hospital stays, her pre-surgery nurse calls with intructions that include bringing a "comfort item." Well, Brielle has never had any particular favorite little animal....well, now she does! She is in LOVE with her "Gigi!" It's been sleeping with her each night and she is so grateful for him!
There are items that Brielle could definitely benefit from and the gift cards will be used for that! A huge thank you for these!!
Ultimately, all of you who have extended yourselves to our sweet little girl, and offered so much in order to bring our daughter joy, and happiness, and brighten her day, and many days to come as she puts all of these items to use over and over again....GOD BLESS YOU ALL! She carries a heavy burden in her daily life, but your kindness and generosity has brought so much LIGHT to her days. I realize so much work has also went into the organization, preparation and delivery of all of these items- Thank you so much to all those involved!
I pray the Lord bestows all of you with blessings in return! A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!😊

Jordyn's Mom

I'm thankful to be apart of a network with so many amazing people. Lexi and the rest of us are still just so overwhelmed with all of the awesome support and STILL cannot believe Lexi's wishes are real!! It's an awesome memory to have. And the ladies and gentlemen who run it and grant these mind blowing wishes just from networking! Not only do they get it done, but the people in the network also help! And This is what it's all about... Pay it Forward!!!

The awesome people who work this network and everyone of you just want to make someone smile. When I am having a long night, instead of thinking poor me/poor Lexi, I think about the gift of a angel God gave to us. Lexi is meant to be shared with the world. THANK Y'ALL for going above and beyond. You have given me hope. I love everyone of you! And Lexi says so, too!

Tracey Lynn Henson, Lexi's Mom

Our trip to Nola was one to remember! Not just the destinations but the entire journey... driving there, going up and down in the elevators that were glass and we could see out over the city! Bella was invited to the Magic Box Toys and they even let her pick out anything she wanted. Bella got to ride carousel and train and saw tons of animals at the zoo and fish at the aquarium! I'd like to personally thank PIFN for choosing Bella and giving her this life experience.

Stephen, Isabella's Dad

It’s hard to put this in words of how thankful he is for these wonderful gifts. He has said many times how awesome it is to be number one for a day. He says, "Someone special must
really care for me because no one has ever treated me this nice!” Thank you again for making him feel special and wanted!

Felicia, Peyton's Mom

I just wanted to thank everyone on here for caring and supporting my baby girl Lexi and our family. There aren't enough words to explain the way it makes us feel to know that there are so many great caring people out there that are doing things for people they have never met. Thank you all so very much!!!

Bryan Gordon, Lexi's Dad

Thank you to all of those who donated money, time and gifts to make my son's day perfect yesterday. He had a great time staying up late to watch Planes. He didn't even alarm much all night long - I think his excitement carried over to his dreams.

Hodelia Hayat, Aiden's Mom

From the first moment I seen my little blessing from God, I knew that we would continue to provide him with the best care humanly possibly without financial limitations. We truly felt that God would provide if we had faith. The Pay It Forward Networking and their followers are our angels for this trip. The financial support for it is definitely taking a huge weight off of our shoulders. The bonus of the family fun activities is amazing! My kids will love it and I'm sure I'll get tons of pictures of Adam's smile. God bless each and every one of you.

Kellie Luke, Adam's Mom

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Today was pretty rough for our family, but knowing how much Austin will love and appreciate this and his eyes continue to shine bright with his personality helps us get through it. I truly have no words to convey how wonderful Pay It Forward Networking is.

Trini, Austin's Mom

I am exhausted, and wish I could sleep till noon tomorrow, but, I'm also INCREDIBLY BLESSED!! I can't thank Pay It Forward Networking enough. If you haven't joined this network, please do. You never know how you can help make some beautiful child's dream come true like they helped Presley.

Jennifer Broughton Sones

Hi! I'm Haidyn's Mom & I would like to thank everyone for being so loving & generous. This is an amazing network that I'm so thankful for! Again, thank you all!

Wendy Herring

I joined the group tonight on the recommendation of a friend. I've been absolutely engrossed in reading everyone's stories, wishes and outcomes ever since. It's like a good book - I just can't put it down. Thank you all for everything you do for these children. As a mother of a special needs child, every day is a struggle for them. And you would never know it by looking at most of them. You make the hard days so much easier for them by making them feel special - without feeling different. Nothing but LOVE for this group. This will now be one of my favorite groups to stop in for positivity. Love you all!!!

Kellee Bell

The best thing I could have ever some was join this network!! Just got down watching the first 15 and y'all are truly a blessing from God and angels walks this earth!! God bless y'all!!

Tiffany Huff

You know I've always known there are good people in this world. When we were approached for my granddaughter Cassie Massey I was so overwhelmed with happiness and joy. This group of people is just awesome! I just keep smiling everyday and crying tears of joy for all these sweet angels. I can't go a day without looking at the page. It brightens my day. Thank you PIFN. God Bless each and everyone.

Denise Massey

I wanted to be able to thank all of the amazing people who donated to our families Fundraiser for my daughter Brook, who also has Tay-Sach's disease, just like Lexi Gordon. There are many of you that I do not know personally and I want to be sure that you all know just how completely grateful and thankful I am for your support and generosity. Thank you so very, very much.


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