Wishes Granted

Delmace's Wish

Meet sweet Delmace who is 8 years old and suffers from a spinal cord injury. In addition to being an active, sports loving, young boy, he "pays it forward" by helping his friend Dad in Haiti. Delmace's family has helped Dad and his mom for several years. Dad (pronounced Dodd) is 10 years old and has cerebral palsy. Dad has a wheelchair that is too small and not in great condition due to the rough terrain. Delmace decided to SHARE his wishes to help his friend in Haiti! 💗
1. WCMX Wheelchair for Delmace built by Box Wheelchairs

2. Rough rider chair for Dad THIS HAS BEEN GRANTED!!!!! Yay!

3. Gift cards to Toys R Us, Target and/or Amazon which he plans to use to buy stuff(sports equipment and toys) for his "friends" at a home for disabled children in Haiti!
Delmace also loves Boston Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics. He loves everything sports related!
This young man is amazing! He deserves his special chair and much more! READY, SET...PAY IT FORWARD!