Wishes Granted

Gabby's Wish

Meet beautiful 10 year old Gabby. She has Rett Syndrome.
Her wishes are:
1. Pictures for her bedroom. Anything with caterpillars, flowers and bright colors to catch her eye. Her favorite colors are red and yellow. I'm sure she would love some bright flower or caterpillar bedding as well!
2. She loves music so let's send her a CD player, country music CDs and some musical toys!
3. 3 Six Flags tickets in New Jersey tickets so that her older siblings can enjoy a family outing. A few Visa gift cards would be greatly appreciated to cover food costs and maybe let the girls treat themselves for being amazing big sisters!
4. Raise awareness for RETT SYNDROME.
Girl Power 2 Cure.

This is Gabby's page on their site


Gabby also has a you caring page

Since she LOVES caterpillars, let's send stuffed ones and maybe a blanket!! Gabby has had some setbacks in her health recently and definitely deserves to feel extra special!