Wishes Granted

Ariel and Kaydi's Wishes/Canavan Awareness

Meet beautiful sisters Kaydi, age 3 and Ariel, age 8 both who have Canavan Disease. The only wish they initially had was to raise awareness for Canavan Disease so that is most important! Their other wishes are:
1. Anything ladybugs for Kaydi
2. CDs of Sunday School Songs
3. Musical, light up toys with simple switches and lights to hang in their rooms
4. Hair bows
5. Anything Disney Princess, DVDs, princess dresses, toys, posters, bedding...
6. Katy Perry CD, autograph, FaceTime call and/or meeting for Aerial!
7. Anything Green bay Packers
They would also love something for their awesome big brother, such as football, Green Bay Packers meet/greet or memorabilia, anything Duck Dynasty or an XBox One!