Wishes Granted

Emily Grace Wishes

Meet beautiful and brave Emily Grace, 1 year old, who suffers from Heterotaxy Syndrome. This sweet baby and her parents will make 28 hour drive to Boston for open heart surgery in August. She will be in the hospital 4-6 weeks. Her wishes are:
1. Gas and good cards(Visa gift cards). Estimated fuel cost is $650.
2. Portable DVD player and DVDs.
3. Travel toys to play with on drive and while in hospital. Anything girly and fun appropriate for 1 year old. She loves mirrors, light up toys and small balls.
She also has a big sister, Anna age 2, that would love some special toys!
Anna loves playing dress up so maybe a princess outfit and dress up shoes (the kids plastic ones), a kids broom set, and she LOVES magnets so maybe some alphabet magnets and board.