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John Claude's Wish

Meet superhero John Claude! He is 3 years old and fighting Leukemia. His favorite movie is Rocky and he loves Superheroes! His wishes are:
1. Meet Sylvester Stallone and show him his favorite Rocky impression! Sly will be in Shreveport soon filming a movie! Tweet/facebook!
2. Rocky t-shirt, superhero costumes, shirts and PJs and LSU/Saints shirts! Maybe a blanket too to have at St Jude with him! Size 4T
3. Coloring books and crayons
4. iTunes gift cards
5. Jake & Netherlands Pirates and Elmo toys and DVDs
6. He wants everyone to have their own "Knock out cancer with JC" shirts, they are $20 and must sell 250 more within 15 days!
Let's make all this strong little man's wishes come true! Please take a moment to share his wishes and get them viral! READY, SET...PAY IT FORWARD!!!
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