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Urgent Need:

Kylie desperately needs a multi-organ transplant.  A fundraising page is up to raise money to pay for the $3K co-pay for air transport.  Kylie had to pass on a match due to lack of funds available to cover cost.  Please help if you can.





Meet the very brave and beautiful Miss Kylie Renee! She has leukopenia and short gut syndrome, currently on a feeding tube and in desperate need of a multi-organ transplant. Her loving mother was also recently diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and will soon undergo 2nd surgery.
Her wishes are:
1. I Pad Mini and iTunes gift cards
2. An American Girl doll and trip to AGD store and gift cards to use there (would be great to get her VIP treatment from the store!)
3. Meet One Direction at their concert in September in New Orleans
4. Small backpacks for her feeding supplies - girly and monogrammed with supportive straps
5. VIP trip to New Orleans Aquarium and Zoo
6. Disney World
She LOVES Barbies, Frozen, LSU Football, jewelry and everything girly!! Let's send her lots and lots of new toys and accessories!!
Her gofundme page is! Maybe some local groups or fire fighters will host a cook-off to help with very high medical costs and co-pays!


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